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Treatment packages

If you want to relax according to a longer formula, choose a comprehensive wellness package. We have made ready-made options for different needs. If you wish, we can also provide a longer treatment pleasure or even a full day of relaxation in the treatment room for you or your group, please contact: levi@relaxcenter.fi or sales@relaxcenter.fi

As a Duo-treatment only available at the Hotel.

Booking and more information: +35816 6510 700 / levi@relaxcenter.fi

(By clicking on the treatments below you’ll be able to see information about them)

The therapist will carry out your treatments one after the other in the DUO-room. One of you will start your treatment with heat and warm stones are placed on your shoulders and back. Meanwhile the other will start with shoulders and back being massaged with herbal oils. Half way through you will swap. A wonderful moment together! This treatment is only available at the Hotel.

Includes gentle and relaxing massage with warm aromatic oil and a brightening facial. Perfect moment for you to take time for your self.

A hot stone massage is performed with lava stones and local Lappish stones such as snow quartz, which hold ancient energy and powers within them. The face is treated with a lightly peeling lappish treatment with peat and honey.

Dry exfoliation will rouse the circulation of your skin and prepares it to receive moisturising cream for the whole body. A perfect facial for your skin including neck and schoulder massage completed with pampering manicure and pedicure that will take you to perfect relaxation.

Includes a moisturising facial suitable for male skin that also repairs damage caused by shaving. While you enjoy the effects of a face mask, you will also be relaxed with a head, shoulder and foot massage. A perfect moment of pampering for a man!

What to do before and after getting a duo treatment or a treatment package:


  • Don’t over exhaust your self before coming in
  • Don’t apply any oily or heavy lotions that won’t easily absorb to the skin


  • Don’t do anything that makes muscles become sore or exhausts too much
  • Rest, because your muscles will become relaxed