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Make Up


Besides make ups we also do personal make up instructions and make up -evenings for groups.

Come and try make up instruction, learn how to bring out your best features and hide those that you are least impressed with. With make up instructions we can teach you to do a make up that fits your style. You will get hints with brushes and colors.

For groups and weddingparties, contact salesteam for a suitable package: sales@relaxcenter.fi or 040-6628520 (monday-friday 9-16.30)

Express make-up includes a light foundation, contouring, brow make-up, eye-shadow and mascara. This service does not include eyelash tinting, blush, contouring or eye enhancement that requires more time.

Day make-up includes a durable foundation, blush, brow make-up, ombre eye-shadow, masca­ra, and lips. This service does not include special eye liner or contouring.


Get the day make-up you want with the help of a professional.

What to do before and after going to get your make up done:


  • Wear a loose shirt so the make up wont smudge on it when taking it off
  • Wash your face and teeth
  • Put on contacts on if you use them


  • At the end of the night remove the make up and wash your face
  • Be careful not to smudge/ruin the make up