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Permanent pigmentation

Note! Permanent pigmentations are only available at Levi center.


  • New powderbrows 3h 249 €
  • Strengthening of powderbrows after 5-12 weeks, 2 hours 150 €
  • Annual strengthening of powderbrows 2h 199 €

Permanent eyebrow pigmentation, i.e. powder brows, is a popular way to emphasize facial features and create durable, beautiful eyebrows without makeup. Permanent pigmentation is designed to serve the customer’s wishes and it is possible to get both a very natural and a more spectacular, made-up look by using more pigment. The technique uses several shades and a fading technique that makes the corners three-dimensional and natural.

The pigment remains on the skin for 1–3 years, after which the treatment can be renewed.


Immediately after the procedure, the end result looks 30-40% darker. Healing takes 7–10 days, during which the excess pigment wears off the skin. Flaking or crusting that occurs after the treatment should not be scratched or removed. We do not recommend wetting the brows, taking saunas, sweating or using cream on the brows during healing.

Note! Permanent pigmentations are only available at Levi center.


  • New lip pigmentation 3 hours 249 €
  • Lip enhancement after 5-12 weeks 2h 30min 200 €
  • Annual lip enhancement 2h 249 €

Permanent lip pigmentation gives the lips a durable, beautiful and well-groomed color that matches the customer’s natural facial features and skin tone. The procedure is done with a pigmentation machine, which adds color pigment to the lips. Permanent pigmentation of the lips is started from the borders of the lips, after which the color is faded to the inside of the borders of the lips. We use two different techniques for permanent lip pigmentation. In the first consultation, we find out which technology serves the customer’s wishes in the best possible way. For permanent lip pigmentation, we use Perma Blend colors, which have been tested and are safe. We use a wide selection of high-quality pigments, by mixing we can create the shade desired by the customer. You can also bring your own lipstick, the shade of which we can reproduce.

Things to note about permanent lip pigmentation:

  • If the customer wants to have lip fillers, it should be done one month before permanent pigmentation or at least one month after. Please note that if Permanent Pigmentation is done before fillers, the pigment may fade due to the stretching of the skin of the lips.
  • If the customer has a tendency to cold sores, we instruct the customer to take Aciclovir medication for three days before the treatment and for two days after. Although Permanent Pigmentation is a completely safe procedure, tattooing the skin causes a stress reaction in the body, which may activate cold sores.
  • Please note that in permanent pigmentation we only strengthen the lips’ own border. With permanent pigmentation, you cannot create a new border on the lips, the so-called overshooting.

Note! Permanent pigmentations are only available at the Levi center.


  • Lashliner – filling of baseline 3 h 399€
  • Strengthening of eyeliner after 5-12 weeks 2h 130€
  • Annual strengthnging of eyeliner 2.5h 180€

Eyeliner Permanent Pigmentation is a popular way to open up your eyes and get a well-groomed look even on days without makeup. There are two different permanent pigmentation techniques available: the classic eyeliner permanent pigmentation and fading technique. Permanent eye pigmentation is well suited for oily skin and those who do a lot of sports. It is also excellent for people with sensitive skin, if traditional eye makeup causes skin irritation.

Permanent pigmentation can be done on the upper lid, lower lid or lash line and different color options are available. We always decide on the appropriate technology and color together with the customer. During the consultation, we take into account the client’s wishes for the end result, eye model and skin type.

Permanent pigmentation of the eye contour remains on the skin for 1–3 years, after which the procedure can be renewed.


Classic eyeliner is suitable for customers who want a spectacular end result. The technique is particularly suitable for young skin, which naturally has more collagen and elastane. On the other hand, it is not recommended for very oily skin. Permanent eyeline pigmentation can be done on the upper lid, lower lid and lash line, which gives a natural impression of thick eyelashes.


With the fading technique, the result of permanent eyeliner pigmentation is more natural. Pigmentation is not done as deep into the skin as classic eyeliner, so the procedure is also gentler. In the fading technique, the lashline is pigmented and the color is faded on the upper lid. The end result flatters almost all eye shapes.


Immediately after permanent pigmentation, the end result looks 30–40% darker. The color fades to the final shape during the healing period (7-10 days). After permanent pigmentation of the eyeliner, swelling may occur on the skin. After the treatment, the eyes should not be wet for a week and creams or make-up should not be used in the area around the eyes. Please note that contact lenses, eyelash extensions and false eyelashes must be removed before permanent pigmentation. Eyelash extensions can only be put back when the area around the eyes has completely healed.

What does permanent pigmentation mean?

Permanent pigmentation is a lasting and a easy way in every day lite to bring out the natural features of the face by highlighting the eyes, lips or eyebrows permanently with tattoo-like pigmentation. The pigment is tattooed on the surface layer of the skin, so the end result is not forever, as with a traditional tattoo.

Permanent pigmentation is always planned together with the customer individually to serve the customers wishes, while taking into account the natural structure and skin tone of the face.

Please note that permanent pigmentation requires two treatments. After the first treatment, we monitor how the skin reacts to the pigment. Allergic reactions are very rare, but we want to make sure that the pigmentation is suitable for the customer’s skin. After 6–8 weeks after the first treatment, we recommend strengthening the pigment, which makes it possible to modify the strength and shape of the pigmentation.