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Sauna from Finland ry has rewarded Mielenvalkea Wellness Sauna Lumi with the kvalificationcertificat Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience.

MielenValkea represents the feeling you get when you take time for your self: for your body and your mind. With help of Lapplands clean environment, the warmth from the sauna and the help of friendly people we give you Mielenvalkeutta – A light and happy mind.

MielenValkea has two saunas: Wellness sauna Lumi (snow) and the traditional sauna Noki (soot). Both saunas has their own soul.

The fresch and modern materials of Wellness sauna Lumi makes the space beautiful. The Helo saunaoven garanties a mild warmth and the new infrapanels from Helo enables the space to be used also as a infrasauna or relaxingspace. The traditional saunabenches has been replaced by Kokoro saunastools. The sauna room for 12 people and infrapanels for 6 people. . 

Noki is cosy and more traditional sauna in dark tones. There is room for a bigger group on the U-shaped saunabench to enjoy the warmth. 

Both saunas has a cosy room with a fireplace and a restingroom. Mielenvalkea also has groopspaces suitable for meetings, lectures, relaxingexercises and eating. All spaces can be booked for private use and catering can be offered if needed. 

Booking and information: 

+35840 662 8520or sales@relaxcenter.fi