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We can tailor a package just for you. Please send us your questions: e-mail levi@relaxcenter.fi and we will get back to you with a few suggestions.

Please mention these in the e-mail:

  • Desired time
  • Desired place
    • Relax Center, Lapland Sensation Spa
    • Relax Center, Beauty and Beyond
    • Sauna wonderland (mielenvalkea saunamaailma)
    • Elf beach sauna
  • Number of people (minimum of 4)
  • What kind of a treatment style ( relaxation or beauty)
  • Do you want any servings (drinks, salty or sweets)

Relax Center salons

We can arrange a shared social evening at Relax Center; Lapland Sensation Spassa, which has a Lapland theme at Hotel hullu poro, there you can enjoy also the sauna department. The other option is Relax Center; Beauty and Beyond, which is a more classical salon focused on beauty, hair and skincare.

Sauna wonderlands

At Levi the nature and saunas walk hand in hand in many ways and our collaboration company At Hotel Hullu Poro has close to hundred saunas! You get to choose sauna wonderland from two sauna departments or reserve Elf beach sauna for your use.

  • MielenValkean Sauna wonderland amazing building within the precincts of Atri 2km from downtown of Levi.
  • At Elf beach sauna, 8km from Levi, you can expirience the traditional finnish beach sauna. rantasaunan.
  • Hotelli Hullu Poron saunaosastolla At Hotel Hullu Poro you can enjoy the hotel saunas, hot tubs or even jump in the cold pool. You can also enjoy the relaxing and health benefitial infrared sauna.

Additional services

Reindeer Sauna Yoga min. 4 persons / 25 € /person

Catering, ask an offer!