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Welcome to experience the magic of Lapland. We use natural Finnish cosmetics, herbs and ber­ries from lappish wild nature. Surrounding sounds come from traditional lappish joik music.

Booking and more information: +35816 6510 700 / levi@relaxcenter.fi

The Lappish head massage is an alternative to the traditional Indian head massage spiced with Lapland mysticism. The treatment is started with a foot bath and salt exfoliation of the feet. After refreshing the feet, the shoulders, ears and scalp are treated with effective but gentle massage movements. The whole stimulates fluid circulation and revitalizes blood circulation in the head and upper body. The head massage relaxes for a long time, helps with insomnia, improves concentration, and relieves headaches.

A facial treatment made with Lapland peat purifies and nourishes the skin. Thanks to its natural structure, it exfoliates the skin, leaving it dreamy soft. An initial cleansing and a Finnish natural cosmetic cream according to the skin type complete the treatment.

Lappish peat cleanses the body intensively, relieves pain and balances hormonal activity. In the treatment, a local peat mask kit is applied to the body. While the peat mask acts on the body, the face is pampered with a peat-honey treatment.

Lapland pedicure draws its strength from the nature of Lapland! The feet are peeled with a meadowsweet or blueberry peel and the peat mask refreshes the feet and stimulates fluid circulation. The nails are cleaned and the legs are massaged with oil containing lappish herbs. After the treatment, your feet will feel soft and light.

Relaxing treatment for the upper body. The essential oils of conifers in the forests of Lapland are used in the treatment, for example, pine refreshes and energizes, while juniper relieves muscle and joint pain. There are also other options and our cosmetologist selects the products according to the needs of each customer. The caring forces of the conifers will take you into the world of forests and you will be able to relax while the Lapland joikh plays, and the head will also be lightly massaged without oil.

A holistic relaxing massage is performed with a heated Lapland oil containing juniper, meadowsweet and common yarrow. Initially, a dry brush is applied to regenerate the skin and enhance the absorption of the oil. Massage and oil relieve muscle and joint pain. Full of pleasure!

The therapist alternately gives you a relaxing back, shoulder and neck massage with herbal oil containing juniper, honeysuckle and St. John’s wort. During the other massage the other person enjoys a stone heat pack either as an initial or after heat. A relaxing moment together! The price is for two people

In this treatment you can experience the healing magic of Lapland’s best features. Hot stone massage is performed with lava stones and local Lapland stones, e.g. in snow quartz with the power and energy of eternity. The face is treated with lightly exfoliating and Lapland care peat and honey.