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Relax Center Haikko only uses high-quality and safe skin care kits. We perform treatments with the effective Medik8 skin care series and the Finnish natural cosmetics series Ekopharma.

A quick brightening beauty moment for the face. Includes initial cleansing, exfoliation, a brightening mask (enjoy a relaxing head massage during the mask), serum, and protective cream. Suitable for all skin types, including young (under 18) skin.


Experience the power of the motherland on your skin. This facial draws its strength from the Finnish nature. Includes initial cleansing, honey facial massage with pressure points on the temples using a mountain crystal, a brightening and hormone-balancing mud mask, and a finishing touch with raspberry protective cream.

Relax Rituals treasure facial is suitable for all skin types. The treatment begins with a skin analysis, and the cosmetologist selects the products. The treatment includes initial cleansing, exfoliation, revitalizing facial massage, neck-shoulder décolleté massage with Hot Stones lava stones, mask, serum, and protective creams. Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage during the mask.


Ideal for impure skin. Deep-cleansing facial treatment tailored to the individual needs of the skin. Includes initial cleansing, exfoliation, skin cleansing with ultrasound or mechanically, a balancing mask, serum, and protective creams. Enjoy a relaxing neck-shoulder décolleté massage with Hot Stones lava stones during the mask.

The treatment is suitable for impure skin. The deepcleansing treatment is done on the basis of the needs of your skin. Includes initial cleansing, exfoliation, ultrasound or mekanical cleansing, a skinbalancing mask, serum and protective creams. During the mask you enjoy a relaxing neck-shoulder-decolte´massage with Hot Stone lava stones.

Relax Luxurious facial is for those seeking efficiency and a longer relaxation moment. The treatment uses lifting and pro-age products. Includes initial cleansing, double exfoliation (product-based for skin type + ultrasound exfoliation), lifting facial massage, luxurious mask, serum absorption with ultrasound, eyebrow shaping, and protective creams. Enjoy a relaxing neck-shoulder décolleté massage with Hot Stones lava stones. The treatment concludes with a soothing head massage.

Complete your facial with a skin softening and relaxing handmassage.

Complete your facial with refreching of your feet, footpeeling and a gentle footmassage.

Specialfacials only available at Haikon kartano

The Medik8 skincare series is based on the CSA philosophy.

“An incredibly simple and science-based method – that simply works. To our delight, the CSA method has steadily grown in popularity and become more widely known. Use vitamin C and sunscreen during the day and vitamin A at night. CSA – so easy. By taking care of your skin and following our simple CSA philosophy, you can look 40 when you are 50 years old. ”

What to do before and after getting a facial:


  • Don’t squeeze any acne or pimples from your face, to avoid any irritation
  • Don’t spend the day in the sun before coming
  • Don’t apply any oily or heavy lotions to your face, that won’t easily absorb in to the skin


  • Avoid putting on makeup or other facial products for at least 6 hours after your treatment.
  • Avoid picking at your skin or use abrasive skincare products like scrubs for at least 72 hours after your treatment.
  • Stay away from direct heat for up to 48 hours after your treatment.