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Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy is available only in Porvoo city and Haikko manor.

Physiotherapy is a therapy that aims to maintain and enhance functional ability and mobility. The treatment usually focus on treating lowered functionality and problems caused by injure, disease, accident or ageing with physiotherapeutic guidance, advices and therapeutic exercise. In physiotherapy the clients health, mobility, functionality and restrictions are evaluated and how it affects the clients every day life. On the basis of the evaluation a physiotherapeutic plan is made and executed. Physiotherapists also evaluate the need of walking aid or help devices and instruct the use of them. The client is activated and instructed to take responsibility for the his/her own health, functionality and the choices affecting it.

Physiotherapy is for anyone who wants to improve the physical condition, reduce stress, relax, is in need of guidance or needs help to loose weight.


Physiotherapy includes guidance, instructions and rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy 60 min 65€

You can get physiotherapy with a doctors referral or without. Cancellations at least 24 hours before your physiotherapy appointment. The whole price is charged if the cancellation is done later or the client does not show up for the appointment.