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Relax Center Haikko offers a couple of magnificent Private Spa rooms. Private Spa rooms have two massage beds, a jacuzzi, shower/toilet, warm mosaic bench and social space. One room is a single space (Room1) and the other separate (Room2). The Private Spa is perfect example of your company’s recreation day, friend group, bachelorette or babyshower parties.

Private Spa option 1:

Reserve Private Spa Room 1 allowing you to socialize with your own group while enjoying the pampering treatments and Spa side dishes of your choice.

Private Spa option 2:

Reserve Private Spa Room 2 Customize spa side dishes to your liking. Enjoy a pampering bath in your own group, time together, snacks and treatments to do together for example body scrubs and face masks for each other.

Recommended group size 2-8 people, note the jacuzzi can accommodate a maximum of 4 people at the same time.

Privat Spa room price 65€ / 1,5h

  • In connection with the treatments, (a minimum of 4 treatments) price is 65€, even if the time goes over 1.5h.
  • Without treatments the price is 30 €/ 30 min.