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If you would like a long relaxing experience you should choose a holistic wellness package. We have treatment packages for different needs. We can provide a longer treatment experience or even a whole relaxing day in our beautysalons for you or your group. Contact our salesteam sales@relaxcenter.fi or call 016 6510700 (monday-friday 9-16.30).

The Morning Booster package is a rescue for dull mornings, available depending on the reservation situation from 8 am to 2 pm. The package includes: Express Glow facial treatment, permanent coloring of eyebrows with shaping, and a calming 15-minute head massage. Finally, enjoy a refreshing vitamin C drink and get ready for the day.

Disconnect from the hustle and bustle and experience a calming treatment. The treatment begins with a full-body dry brushing, followed by a relaxing Aromatherapy massage (60 min). Pine and spruce essential oils care for the body and mind. After the massage, the face is pampered (30 min) with a treatment that includes exfoliation and massage with revitalizing and brightening products. After the treatment, the tranquility of the forest has taken over your body.

The treatment begins with energy cleansing and grounding deep breathing, designed to balance the Vagus nerve. Next, the Harmony massage relaxes the muscles and calms the mind. After the massage, the luxurious facial treatment addresses the specific needs of different areas of the skin with targeted effects. The Harmony treatment package is the perfect answer to comprehensive relaxation and skin well-being.

Pampering for expectant mothers. The treatment begins with facial skin care. The skin is gently exfoliated and brightened with a mild scrub and a brightening facial mask. Next, the hands and forearms are exfoliated and massaged with moisturizing lotion. Finally, we move to the legs, which often need relief during pregnancy. A salt scrub enhances fluid drainage, and a relaxing foot massage takes away the feeling of excess weight from the feet.

In this treatment, you experience the beneficial elements of Lapland. The treatment begins with the beat of a shaman drum, making you feel immersed in the depths of the treatment bed while relaxing music fills the treatment room. The treatment combination starts with a Lapland herb oil massage, which relieves muscle tension and stress with the power of juniper, yarrow, and meadowsweet. After the massage, the face is treated gently with exfoliating Lapland treatment mud and honey. After the treatment, you have received a dose of Lapland magic, and there is no turning back. Do you dare?

What to do before and after getting a relax treatment:


  • Don’t over exceed your self physically before arriving to your treatment
  • Don’t apply any oily or heavy lotion that won’t easily absorb in to the skin


  • Don’t exercise, your muscles are still relaxed
  • Drink plenty of water