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The sauna attendant

Welcome to the Elves’ Experience Village sauna.

The traditional, log cabin riverside sauna is located on the Ounasjoki riverbank. The sauna benches can seat up to 15 bathers at a time, and the large wood-heated stove releases a mild heat.

The sauna attendant takes bathers to the Elves’ Village to the riversides sauna to relax on the sauna benches. One of the sauna traditions is that bathers whip themselves with a birch whisk while listening to the sauna attendant’s talk about the history of the sauna. Whipping yourself with the birch whisk helps relax your muscles and stimulate blood flow and cleanses the skin. The dry skin caused by the winter frost or hot summer sun is exfoliated with a moisturising honey-sugar mixture made by the sauna attendant.  Honey contains enzymes and plant acids that treat and protect the skin. The sugar in the honey helps remove impurities and swelling from the skin and promotes blood circulation. After exfoliating the dead skin cells off, a peat is applied to the skin. Peat comes from the ground beneath our feet and which takes care of us from head to toe. You can go to the kiln to dry off and enjoy an energising health drink after bathing in the sauna. You will be left with a little memory to take away with as you will be told a sauna horoscope that corresponds to your own star sign.