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Relax Center Haiko’s luxurious foot treatments support your well- being. Pampering pedicure keeps your feet beautiful all year and prevents strains and induration. Pedicures are treatments performed by cosmetologists, if there are more challenging ailments in the legs, we recommend applying to a pediatrician. Luxurious treatments include a foot bath, a skin- refreshing peel, nail and cutitle treatment, a mask and a massage.

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A proper pedicure is carried out according to the customer’s needs and wishes, including callus removal, nail and cuticle tidying, and a relaxing massage (Note! The duration of the massage varies depending on the needs of the feet and the treatment plan). The treatment does not include nail polish. Polish with pedicure €20 + 15 min.

Spa pedicure is a pampering foot treatment suitable for feet with few calluses, etc. In spa pedicures, the feet are exfoliated with a soft salt scrub, and after the scrub, a refreshing and moisturizing mask is applied to the legs. During the mask, the toenails are tidied, and the treatment is finished with a relaxing massage. The treatment does not include nail polish. Polish with pedicure €20 + 15 min.

Foot bath and exfoliation, refreshing massage of the feet.

Mon-Fri tel. price and online price 16-18/19: 61€

Sat-Sun tel. price and online price: 68€

Online when booking on weekdays 8-16: 50€

What to do before and after getting a pedicure:


  • Don’t paint or polish over discolored toenails.
  • Don’t share emery boards.
  • Don’t shave your legs beforehand.
  • Don’t round your toenails when clipping them.
  • Don’t cut your cuticles.
  • Don’t use a “foot razor.” technicians use special razor to remove dead skin


  • Use cuticle cream or oil daily to moisturize dry cuticles.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat well.
  • Do simple hand exercise to keep joints supple.
  • Be careful no to bump your nails anywhere hard