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Treatment packages

At hot stone massage the effect of massage an warmth are combined. The treatment is finished of by handling bottom of the foot with a stress relieving massage movements.

The aromatic massage works wonders on you mind and body. Brightening facial brings a refreshing glow, lashes and brows dye brightens the look.

Relaxing head and foot massage

A treatment that pampers your whole body, that includes a facial and a sensational light massage for your body


The treatment has influences of a Indian head massage.
The massage is done in laying position and massaging the head and neck area

Relaxing and warming hot stone massage for the whole body.
The heat releases well-being-producing endorphins and helps trigger
stress and muscle juices effectively.

A relaxing massage for body and mind. The massage uses warm
oil (lavender, eucalyptus or grapefruit) according to the customer’s wishes.

Relax Center Signature massage for the whole body. Pampering full body massage,
where the energy points are reviewed and the neck-shoulder area is treated.

A massage done by a beautician


Pampering and brightening quick face treatment. Includes surface cleaning,
peeling, serum and mask

The treatment is individually tailored to your wishes and skin needs.

Make up

A beautiful and lasting make up

You will learn to do makeup with the best guidance on your face with professional guidance
emphasizing the sides.

We recommend making the reservation at the latest the day before By 5pm.
Please note that there are limited amount of times. For reservation contact Relax Center sales departent: runo@relaxcenter.fi