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Lasting and shining polish that lasts for weeks.

Maintenance of gel nails includes max 3 completely broken nails. If more nails have been broken OR you have acrylic nails you should choose maintenance: “gel construction nails with extensions” then there is enough time for everything you need.

Longer time for nail maintance, so there will be more time to fix acrylic nails or if you have lots of broken nails.

gel polish on top of your own nails does not include extentions.

gel nails with extentions, only one color

gel nails with extentions and decoration e.g. french tips

What to do before and after getting gel nails done:


  • Have an idea of how you want your nails done
  • Do not try to remove previous gel nails at home
  • Don’t drink anything that contains caffeine


  • Try to be careful for during the first day
  • Don’t try to remove them your self
  • keep your hands moisturized