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Welcome to experience the magic of Lapland. We use natural Finnish cosmetics, herbs and ber­ries from Lappish wild nature. Surrounding sounds come from traditional Lappish joik music.

A Lappish head massage is an alternative to the traditional Indian head massage, coupled with Lappish mysticism. This treatment starts with a foot bath and exfoliating the foot with a salt sc­rub. After your feet are refreshed, your shoulders, ears, and scalp are treated to an effective yet gentle massage. Duration: 30 minutes.

A facial made with Lappish peat which revitalizes and cleanses the skin. At first, the skin is clean­sed, and then the face gets a nice relaxing massage. The Finnish peat peel is applied after your massage leaving the skin bright and dreamy. A natural Finnish cosmetic cream is chosen based on your skin type and completes your treatment. Duration: 45 minutes.

Your feet will enjoy a herbal bath and a peel. Followed by a moisturizing mask to pamper your legs while your nails are being cleansed (doesn’t include nail polish) and all tightness is massaged away Lapland style! Duration: 45 minutes.

Natural peeling will be used on your feet, and a peat mask will be applied, which helps freshen your feet and stimulates fluid circulation. Everything needed to be done for your feet and nails and for relaxation leg massage with oil containing Lappish herbs. Your feet will feel soft and light after this treatment. Duration: 60 minutes.

This is very relaxing if you experience muscle tension in your upper back, shoulders, and neck. This treatment includes a salt peel which activates the metabolism of your back and neck area, the peel is then removed with warm ginger wraps. This treatment is followed by a back, shoulder, neck massage with warm massage oil. Duration: 45 minutes.

Relaxing treatment for the upper body This treatment uses essential oils from the conifers from Lapland’s forests, for example, pine refreshes and energizes, while juniper relieves muscle and joint pain. The caring force of the conifers take you into the forest world, and you can relax. Dura­tion: 45 minutes.

This totally relaxing massage is done with a warm Lappish herb oil containing juniper, meado­wsweet and common yarrow. Your skin will be dry brushed at the beginning of the treatment, which helps rejuvenate the skin and enhance oil absorption. This massage helps release negative energies from your body, and the oil helps treat your muscles and joints. Duration: 60 minutes.

Alternatively, the massage therapist will give you a relaxing back, shoulder and neck massage with herbal oil containing juniper, meadowsweet and common yarrow. During your second mas­sage, you will enjoy a hot stone package as either an initial or final ‘warm-up’. Enjoy a relaxing moment together! The price is for two people. Duration: 75 minutes.

You can experience the healing magic of Lapland’s best features. A hot stone massage with lava stonesand Lappish stones including the ancient power and energy from the milky quartz stones. Your face will be treated to a mildly exfoliating, revitalizing Lappish peat and honey facial.
Duration: 1 hour, 45 minutes.

Yoga with lots of Lappish mystique.