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The main reason these products are used is to help balance the skin cells. Skin cells get blocked with toxins and other harmful substances. They become unable to communicate with each other properly or able to function at an optimum level. Skin imbalances appear in the form of dryness, oiliness, sensitiveness, and premature lines.

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The Detox facial suits all skin types and is ideal especially if it’s been a long time since your last facial or if you want to brighten your skin quickly, as the Detox facial instantly brightens your skin! The detox facial is also the best initial treatment for those people having a series of beauty therapy treatments. This deep cleansing treatment helps to remove the toxins in the skin and improves cell function. Thanks to mandelic (almond) acid peel and refreshing gel mask, you’ll have a renewed glow! Mechanical skin cleansing treatment, extra 15 minutes €11.

For dry skin. Renews and strengthens the skin’s protection mechanisms and boosts natural mois­turising factors putting moisture back into dry skin. The skin becomes soft, supple, and fresh. A man’s skin also needs some intensive hydration.

This treatment helps protect the skin from ages. For sensitive or couperose/rosacea-prone skin. Soothes the skin even after participating in outdoor activities. This treatment strengthens the surface layer of the skin. Our lymphatic massage helps remove the fluids and toxins. Tightening sensation and reddening of the skin are reduced.

This treatment is a balancing treatment for impurities on young skin or oily adult skin. This treatment helps reduce sebum production, shrinks pores, smooths the skin and reduces skin impurities. Includes mechanical cleansing.

The SKIN MAP facial is a new approach to skincare that aims to help treat the specific needs of different areas of skin with an effective targeted solution. SKIN MAP is the perfect solution for balanced and harmonious skin.

This treatment is a hydroxy acid facial treatment that rejuvenates and brightens the skin. This treatment is suitable for all skin types as a fresh up treatment. We advise a series of treatments for more results. After a Fresh UP facial, we recommend following this up with our Skin REFINE or proAGE product lines.

This treatment helps promote skin regeneration. The beauty therapist selects the right treat­ment for your skin type. A series of treatments are recommended. We recommend having this treatment done once a week for four or six weeks and starting the treatment off with our Fresh UP treatment. This treatment reduces fine lines, acne scars, skin imperfections, and uneven skin tone, while maintain the balance of delicate skin. There are two skin product lines, proAGE for those with mature skin, which helps reduce fine lines and visible signs of ageing and the Skin Refine range helps with colour discolouration, acne from your youth, acne scars, and large pores. One treatment lasts for 30 minutes. This treatment includes cleansing the skin’s surface, a hydro­xy acid facial, balancing the skin’s pH levels and smoothing, a mask and serum is applied.

RESURFACE2 4-week series of treatments includes 2 FreshUP treatments and 2 skin REFINE or proAGE treatments (depending on your skin type). You’ll have 1 treatment per week. The series of treatments will be booked when you come to your first session.

Resurface2 6-week series of treatments which includes 2 Fresh UP treatments and 4 SkinREFINE or proAGE (depending on your skin type). You’ll have 1 treatment per week. The series of treat­ments will be booked when you come to your first session.

REVITALISING ANTI-AGE TREATMENT Revitalising anti-age treatment, age 1 Protects the skin’s youth. This treatment fights external toxins and the microinflammation process (lnflammAging) and helps slow down the signs of ageing skin. Duration: 1 hour

REDENSIFYING ANTI-AGE TREATMENT Firming treatment. This treatment protects the structu­re of the skin and helps reduce the visible signs of ageing on the skin. The skin looks and feels smoother due to its smoothing properties. This treatment is ideal for skin that already has fine lines and has lost its elasticity. Duration: 60 minutes.

SKIN RENEWAL ANTI-AGE TREATMENT Regenerating. This treatment regenerates tired skin by maintaining the skin regeneration process and helps keep the skin active. This treatment is sui­table for people experiencing menopause or are pre-menopausal and affects the skin’s moisture balance and elasticity.


Diamond grinding is a rejuvenating and brightening tool used to treat suitable for almost all skin types. Diamond grinding exfoliates the skin’s surface, and it also makes it easier for the skin to absorb moisturisers. Diamond grinding is based on treating the skin with various exfoliator tips that lift the skin to the diamond surface underneath the vacuum and effectively exfoliate the dead skin cells.

Cleanses the skin thoroughly! The Ultra Maxi includes an initial cleanse, exfoliation treatment, and using an ultrasound device to help the active ingredients get absorbed into the skin, as well as a special mask, and lastly, a cream will be applied to your skin. Benefits of ultrasonic facial treatments: Deep cleans, removes dead skin cells, regenerates skin, removes skin impurities and reduces the appearance of acne and deeply moisturises the skin.

Cleanses the skin thoroughly! Initial cleanse, skin cleanse/exfoliation, and using the ultrasonic device to help the skin absorb the active ingredients and lastly a cream is applied to your skin.

Initial cleanse, skin cleanse, and exfoliation with the help of an ultrasonic device and lastly a cream is applied to your skin.


The Ekopharma facial treatment is like a trip to pick berries where products are selected from four different lines depending on your skin type: currants (sooth and strengthen the skin), buck­thorn (renews and firms the skin), raspberries (moisturises and brightens the skin) and cranber­ries (balances and reduces inflammation) choose the most suitable treatment duration for you
(35 minutes – 90 minutes), and we will plan the most appropriate treatment for you.

This facial includes a facial peel and a relaxing massage. Refreshes and brightens the skin.

This facial treatment is done to your personal preference and your skin’s needs. This facial treat­ment includes either a facial massage or a skin cleanse.

This facial treatment is done to your personal preference and your skin’s needs. This facial inclu­des a facial massage and skin cleanse (as appropriate).

This facial treatment is done to your personal preference and your skin’s needs. This facial treatment includes a skin cleanse, long facial massage, special mask and relaxing shoulder and decollete massage (as appropriate).

The Little Princess facial is for children under 12 years old. This treatment includes an initial cleansing, a facial massage, and a mask containing gentle products and procedures.

What to do before and after getting a facial treatment


  • Do not wear make up, if you do it will be removed
  • Skip any strong at-home facial treatments few day before
  • Avoid spending the day under the sun
  • Avoid squeezing your acne/pimples


  • avoid taking a shower immediately afterwards. If you must, wait at least six hours after the treatment. Pouring water on your face will melt the serums and products.
  • Keep skin hydrated by drinking water and exfoliating
  • you should wait at least a day before hitting the gym after a facial
  • Avoid putting on any heavy make up for at least 6 hour after the treatment
  • Avoid picking your skin for at least 72 hours after your treatment