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A well-groomed body is soft, moisturized and supple. Body treatments also have a positive effect on metabolism and removal of waste products throughout the body, as well as on the well-being of the skin.

(By clicking on the treatments below you’ll be able to see information about them)

This treatment includes a salt scrub on the body, a body mask that stimulates the metabolism to help remove metabolic waste, and body massage that helps improve fluid circulation. You’ll feel like a new you! This treatment helps support weight loss as well, but also renews and relaxes the body and mind during the hustle and bustle of everyday life! Duration: 75 minutes.

Lapland’s cloudberries shine like the brightest star at night and is one of the active ingredients used in this treatment! This treatment includes a salt scrub on the body, an effective moisturizing body mask and moisturizer. This is the perfect treatment to treat your winter dehydrated skin. Your dry skin is gone, and all the skin on your body is able to settle down. Duration: 75 minutes.

This treatment is a quick freshen up for your whole body. Skin needs extra moisture, especially in winter, but you can also get this treatment before heading south or in summer because skin that has had a peel and been moisturized soaks in a tan more evenly. First, your skin is peeled, lea­ving it feeling soft, and your body’s metabolism is boosted using an effective moisturizing cream which is massaged into your skin while promoting fluid circulation. Duration: 50 minutes.

Intensive care for tired and heavy legs.  The treatment is performed on the whole feet, including double moisturizing for the feet, dehydrating mask and a moisturizer. Your body’s metabolism intensifies, and your legs feel lighter after this treatment. You can have this treatment and a facial at the same time if you like! Duration: 50 minutes.

What to do before and after getting a body treatment:


  • Don’t apply any oily or heavy lotion before
  • Don’t pick at any pimples or acne


  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated after being relaxed
  • Don’t exhaust your self while your muscles are still relaxed
  • Keep skin moisturized by applying lotion