The overall welfare center. Service content includes a wide range of treatments, sauna and friendly staff.

Relax Center serves you in two locations: at Hotel Crazy Reindeer and at Levin tori square. In both locations you can enjoy the Lappish nature and heritage of treatments, manicures and pedicures, classic massages, diego dalla palma RVB Skinlab – treatments, Ekpharma treatments and a range of treatment packages. Some of the treatments can also be implemented in a cozy DUO suite for two persons at the same time.

At Levin tori square you will also receive comprehensive hairdressing services and RVB LAB make-up and home care products for the skin and hair are also sold. You can have a quick makeup or treatments, even without an appointment. A clothing shop Shopporo is conveniently connected, so in the same place you´ll get a new look from head to toe.

In addition of treatments Hotel Crazy Reindeer has a gym, sauna and bathing area, as well as the salt room.
Welcome to regenerate and relax at the Relax Center!

You will find Relax Center in two facilities:

Levin Tori square
Hiihtäjänkuja 10, FIN-99130 LEVI

Relax Center, Hotel Hullu Poro
Rakkavaarantie 3, FIN-99130 LEVI
Open on winter season.

tel: +358 (0) 16 6510 700 or e-mail: